Conversation Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! For someone who always seems to be single on this very coupley holiday all the festivities kind of fall flat. I’m not bitter, nor do I hate Valentine’s Day (I think it’s adorable actually), but for me it’s really just an excuse to eat a ton of candy. With that in mind I was surveying my stash of candy today and came across those horrible conversation hearts. Before I threw them away I decided to see what they were saying, which leads me to today’s post.

As I experiment with different forms of poetry I’m beginning to realize that contemporary poetry is really weird. It reminds me of Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain”, a 1917 work that is a urinal with the initials R. Mutt painted on.

Duchamp's Art

Duchamp’s Art


This work is noted by some as a hallmark of the modern art movement in the 20th Century, while others reject it as trash. And it sparked the great debate about what can be considered art. It is said that Duchamp’s intent with this piece was to shift the focus from the actual craftsmanship of a piece to the intellectual interpretation.Contemporary poetry is a urinal in an Art Gallery. Now, before you stop reading out of protest for my blasphemous statements please hear me out. A lot of the contemporary poetry I read puzzles me. I am often left wondering if this is really poetry or if I’ve just read an outline or someone’s grocery list. But if it’s true that once a writer publishes their work it no longer belongs to them then maybe Duchamp is right. Maybe we too need to shift the focus of poetry from the physical form to the intellectual interpretation. In the anthology, Legitimate Dangers, the editors write, “we believe good poems are felt before they are understood…” I think that contemporary poetry really wrestles with form, it wants to confuse because the moment you don’t understand something is the moment you really start to think.

So do I think that my grocery list is a poem? No, not really. But can I make a poem out of conversation hearts? You be the judge of that.

Let's read you & I Say yes my love be happy crazy 4 U sweet pea XOXO #Love

Let’s read you & I
Say yes my love be happy
crazy 4 U sweet pea
XOXO #Love