Magic School Busing Poetry

Let me preface this page by saying I am in no way an expert. If you asked me to define contemporary poetry my answer would probably be along the lines of “Ummm… it’s poetry that’s contemporary, yeah.” So I can’t tell you what contemporary poetry is-I can’t even tell you who you is-what I will do is throw a lot of poetry your way. Think of this as the Magic School Bus exploration of contemporary poetry.


Those kids did all sorts of crazy things, which I’m betting their parents never signed a permission slip for. They learned some stuff along the way and all the while Ms. Frizzle is in the background saying wise things. Well, I’m not Ms. Frizzle, but I am curious about modern poetry. As an English major I always thought that I was familiar with all different kinds of poetry, but that’s only true if we talk about the early 1900s and back. So I’m curious and I’m willing to explore new poetry in all it’s different mediums.


Slam Poetry

What is Poetry?

People are Onions?