The Moment

“We both laugh and run and the moment is so thick around me that I feel like dropping into it to let it carry me…. For now just let us run. We run straight through the laughter of this night.”

            I Am the Messenger, Markus Zusak


The suburbs sleep as we make our escape,

the silent houses stand unaware of

the moon’s concert:

Cicada’s sing to their mates,

the swings cry out their metallic melody,

as we propel them back and forth.

Directing their notes with our flip-flopped feet,

we harmonize with this summer song.


The black sky, scattered with light, laps at my sun-soaked skin,

washing me with the sticky sweetness of this heavy night.


I am

wholly human;

my greedy senses gulp

every thing I am offered tonight.

Overwhelmed but entirely satisfied.


Our laughter threads through my consciousness,

in, out, out and in.

Like a tattoo needle

this feeling pokes at me until,

smiling I let it in, relishing

the taste of joy,

a little bittersweet.


Life is not perfect.

The morning sun will blind my view of the night.

I wish I could take it, hold it, forever,

like a picture, captured and printed on glossy paper,

sitting in a frame it becomes tangible.


One moment –

The abandoned book waves at me

from the backseat,

The wind turns its pages over and

I recall its poignant words:

the laughter of this night


a time worn memory,

and the instant when

I gladly drowned in my happiness.

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