How to Survive Being Trapped in an Elevator

Prompt #1: Trapped in the Elevator, alone, with a person you would walk across the street to avoid. Write a narrative dialogue.


Oh fuck…

“Oh hey!”

The doors slid back to reveal the most annoying person I have ever met. Whenever I saw her she trapped me into listening another installment of what I liked to call The Most Boring Life Story You Never Wanted to Hear.

“How are you?” she squeaked.

“Fine. You?”

“Oh I’m just great. It has been a super awesome week so far!”

“It’s Monday…” I stared straight ahead hoping she would take my monotone answers as a clue that she should stop talking to me.

“I know! That’s what makes it so great!”

How is she so damn chipper all the time? I’m on my third cup of coffee and can’t stop yawning. Even her ponytail seems perky.

“Well that’s great,” I said wondering why elevators didn’t move faster.

“How has your semester been?”


“Oh yeah me too! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been holed up in the library and we’re only four weeks in! I think I’m there like every day,” she giggled. “I’m always reading or something. It’s ridiculous! Like last Thursday I was there all day. It was so sad!”

“That does sound sad,” I said as the doors opened to let in another passenger.

Why didn’t I take the stairs? This is my punishment for being lazy.

“Oh! Oh! Guess what?!?”

Her news excited her so much she started waving her hands and bouncing around. I raised my eyebrow at her cheerleader impression, which seemed to encourage her to go on.

“You know, you know that really weird guy in our math class last semester? Well I totally ran into him yesterday. And guess what? I like got back home and guess who had friend requested me?”

“Dr. Suess?”

“You’re so funny! No! He totally likes me. I mean it’s so obvious. I was like eww! Can you imagine me and Jason? God that would be so funny!”

“Wait, Jason is the really weird guy you were talking about?”

“Umm duh,” she laughed as she twisted her hair around her finger. “Who did you think I was talking about?”

“I actually had no idea. Why do you think Jason’s weird?” This should be interesting.

“You know… he’s just so strange!”

I smiled. She just looked so uncomfortable. Maybe it was petty of me, but I figured I would try to entertain myself on this torturous ride upstairs.

“I don’t know I thought he was a really cool guy.”

She peered up at me. “Really?”

“Oh yeah. We talked a few times after class. He’s cute in a really unexpected way. I mean that smile is so adorable. I would definitely date him if I had the chance.”

“You would?”

“Yeah. That’s probably really dumb. I mean he’s obviously interested in you.”

She started tapping her finger on her lip. “He’s really interesting. Like to talk to and stuff. I hadn’t noticed his smile before, but now that you mention it he is pretty cute. Maybe I’ll give him a shot…”

Just then the cage dinged announcing my release. I smiled and turned to her as I walked out.

“Oh I’m so jealous! Well have fun.”

“Ok Bye,” she chirped.


Next week the elevator door opened to reveal the happy couple. I laughed as I walked past the metal doors to the stairwell. My roommate stared at them as we made our way to our floor.

“Wasn’t that Olivia?” she asked.


“Who was that weird guy she was hanging all over?”

“His name is Jason.”

“He looks like a troll.”

“Well that’s just rude.” I said with a laugh.

“It’s true! God they make the weirdest couple!”

“I know. Poor Jason.”

She laughed as we climbed the last set of stairs.

Maybe taking the elevator wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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