Let Me Tell You About Me…


I am Sam-not Sam I Am, please don’t start quoting Green Eggs and Ham to me. I graduated from the University of Mary Washington this past May with a degree in English-Creative Writing. I currently work as a supervisor for a local pool company, but spend most of my time watching The Food Network and trying to read. I’m currently excited and completely terrified of the future, as I think most post grads are.

I was born and raised in Virginia and will most likely live out the rest of my life in the same zip code where my family lives. When not in school I live with my mom and my younger brother. My mom comes from a family that seems to breed insurance agents (my mom, grandpa, and uncles) and stay at home moms (my grandma and aunts). I don’t plan to fall into this mold.

On New Years I resolved to read 75 books; this is the third year I’ve tried. This might explain why I haven’t watched any of the original Star Wars movies or the latest Twilight installment, or Breaking Bad. I’m always a little behind, but hopefully this year I’ll make it. I hope to turn my reading habit into a career by going into book publishing and editing.

I recently worked as a copy and assistant fiction editor for the Rappahannock Review. It’s a great journal, go check it out if you have some time.